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Bit Rate

What Does Bit Rate Mean?

Bit rate refers to the rate at which data is processed or transferred. It is usually measured in seconds, ranging from bps for smaller values to kbps and mbps.


Bit rate is also known as bitrate or data rate.

Techopedia Explains Bit Rate

In networking and digital telecommunications, bit rate refers to the per-second measurement of data that passes through a communications network. In this context, bit rate is synonymous with data transfer rate (DTR).

For multimedia encoding, bit rate refers to the number of bits used per unit of playback time, such as video or audio after compression (encoding). Multimedia size and output quality often depend on the bit rate used during encoding.

Therefore, in both cases:

BR = D ÷ T


BR = Bit Rate
D = Amount of Data
T = Time (usually seconds)


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