VMware VCenter Server

What Does VMware VCenter Server Mean?

VMware VCenter Server is a data center management server application developed by VMware Inc. to monitor virtualized environments.


VCenter Server provides centralized management and operation, resource provisioning and performance evaluation of virtual machines residing on a distributed virtual data center. VMware VCentre Server is designed primarily for VSphere, VMware’s platform for building virtualized cloud infrastructures.

WMware VCenter Server was previously known as VMware VirtualCenter

Techopedia Explains VMware VCenter Server

VCenter Server is installed at the primary server of a virtualized data center and operates as the virtualization or virtual machine manager for that environment. It also provides data center administrators and a central management console to manage all the system’s virtual machines.

Virtual center provides statistical information about the resource use of each virtual machine and provisions the ability to scale and adjust the compute, memory, storage and other resource management functions from a central application. It manages the performance of each virtual machine against specified benchmarks, and optimizes resources wherever required to provide consistent efficiency throughout the networked virtual architecture. Besides routine management, virtual center also ensures security by defining and monitoring access control to and from the virtual machines, migration of live machines, and interoperability and integration among other Web services and virtual environments.


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