Virtualization Manager

What Does Virtualization Manager Mean?

A virtualization manager is a virtualization environment management application that provides capabilities to create, edit, remove and monitor virtual machines. A virtualization manager provides a complete management solution for many different virtual machines simultaneously through a single application management console.


A virtualization manager is also known as a virtual machine manager, a virtual machine monitor or a hypervisor.

Techopedia Explains Virtualization Manager

A virtualization manager is an integral part of any computing infrastructure that has one or more virtual machines spread across the network. It controls the allocation of underlying compute, memory, network, storage and other services for all the managed virtual machines.

A virtualization manager is implemented over or is part of the parent operating system and integrate easily with popular virtual machine vendors, thus providing the ability to manage virtual machines from different platforms through a central control panel. Virtual managers provide the ability to see into the entire pool of virtual resources and assess their usability and availability, resource use, and other performance- and management-related statistics. Many different vendors promote virtualization managers as part of a product line for cloud virtual environments, but their basic objective and functionality is quite similar.


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