Windows Phone 7

What Does Windows Phone 7 Mean?

Windows Phone 7 is a mobile device operating system developed by Microsoft. It was first unveiled in February 2010, and released for production in several countries in the second half of the same year.


Windows Phone 7 is the successor to Windows Mobile, an older mobile operating system from Microsoft. However, the two are incompatible, so devices designed for Windows Phone 7 cannot run on the older Windows Mobile, and vice versa.

Techopedia Explains Windows Phone 7

Some of the features of Windows Phone 7 include:

  • "Live tiles" for the home screen. These are customizable touch buttons that can open whichever function the user has set, such as Contacts, Internet Explorer or a certain application
  • A touch-friendly user interface
  • Division of media content into various hubs
  • Integration with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Support for different email platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Marketplace, an online repository where users can download various applications for their Windows Phone 7 devices. Of course, the new platform is also compatible with many other Microsoft software products

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