My Windows Phone

What Does My Windows Phone Mean?

My Windows Phone is a mobile synching and backup solution that saves contacts, calendar information, photos and other data from a Windows-powered phone onto the Live Essentials stack of online apps and solutions.


My Windows Phone synchronizes and maps contacts and other data on a Windows mobile phone to Windows Live Contacts, Live Calendar and Live Gallery. My Windows Phone was previously known as Windows Phone Live.

Techopedia Explains My Windows Phone

My Windows Phone includes a suite of services designed specifically for the Windows Phone user, allowing them to keep their mobile contacts, photos, schedules and office data backed up.

The components of My Windows Phone integrate with the entire Windows Live Essentials suite, where the mobile calendar works with Live Calendar, photos with Live Gallery or SkyDrive, contacts with Live Contacts and accounts with Windows Phone Marketplace. Windows Phone Live also allows users to remotely access their mobile phones and perform administrative tasks, such as editing and resetting the phone to its default settings.


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