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Private Cloud Storage

What Does Private Cloud Storage Mean?

Private cloud storage is a type of storage mechanism that stores an organization's data at in-house storage servers by implementing cloud computing and storage technology.


Private cloud storage is similar to public cloud storage in that it provides the usability, scalability and flexibility of the storage architecture. But unlike public cloud storage, it is not publicly accessible and is owned by a single organization and its authorized external partners.

Private cloud storage is also known as internal cloud storage.

Techopedia Explains Private Cloud Storage

Private cloud storage works much like public cloud storage and implements storage virtualization across an organization, providing a centralized storage infrastructure that can only be accessed by the authorized nodes.

Private cloud storage operates by installing a data center, which houses a series of storage clusters that are integrated with a storage virtualization application. Administrative policies and a management console provide access to the different storage nodes and applications within the organization's network. The applications or nodes access the private storage through file access and data retrieving protocols, while the automated storage administrator application allocates storage capacity to them on run time.

Private cloud storage has a multitenant architecture, where a single storage array can house storage space to multiple applications, nodes or departments.


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