Integration-Centric BPM

What Does Integration-Centric BPM Mean?

An integration-centric BPM (business process management) is a fully-integrated approach to building and promoting desktop and Internet applications. It is used when there is a critical need for both business process management and service-oriented architecture. It allows easy application updating and is capable of tracking variable market conditions.


This term is also known as an integration-centric BPM suite.

Techopedia Explains Integration-Centric BPM

Integration-centric BPM allows an organized implementation of efficient and flexible business processes, while service-oriented architecture is useful in organizing the mutual interaction between different program computing entities.

Model driven development is one of the results of integration-centric BPM, which significantly reduces management overhead and gives a chance for application objects to be reused by the system, increasing efficiency in the evolution of an application.


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