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External Border Gateway Protocol

What Does External Border Gateway Protocol Mean?

External Border Gateway Protocol (EBGP) is a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) extension that is used for communication between distinct autonomous systems (AS). EBGP enables network connections between autonomous systems and autonomous systems implemented with BGP. It serves as the primary protocol behind global Internet or AS connectivity.


Techopedia Explains External Border Gateway Protocol

EBGP is generally used for the interconnection of networks for different organizations or the global Internet. These organizations may be Internet service providers (ISP), universities or large corporations that have a vast network infrastructure. For EBGP to work, each AS must implement BGP for internal communications.

EBGP is used and implemented at the edge or border router that provides interconnectivity for two or more autonomous systems. It works in collaboration with Internal Border Gateway Protocol (IBGP) to transfer data from the external Internet/AS to the internal Internet/AS, and vice versa.


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