Multiple Points of Presence

What Does Multiple Points of Presence Mean?

Multiple points of presence (MPOP) is a concept in networking and communications applications that a user can be present at different communications methods at the same time. For example, a person might be present at a computer, a desk phone and a mobile phone at the same time. MPOP is supported by many unified communications applications such as Microsoft Lync.


Techopedia Explains Multiple Points of Presence

Many communications programs, such as instant messaging clients, can report presence information, such as whether a user is available, away or busy. With the move toward unified communications in the enterprise, presence can get more complicated. A user might be unavailable at a desk phone but reachable by mobile phone.

With a single point of presence, a user is only available in one place at a time, but with multiple points of presence, users can be reachable by multiple contact methods at once.


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