Linux Console Terminal

What Does Linux Console Terminal Mean?

A Linux console terminal is one of the system consoles provided in the Linux kernel.The Linux console terminal acts as the medium for input and output operations for a Linux system. A Linux console terminal is similar to command line in Microsoft Windows but it differs in that it can perform any operation on the system.


Techopedia Explains Linux Console Terminal

The architecture in Linux does not require the graphical interface for system operation. The Linux console terminal is usually used to provide text user interface applications and important kernel messages. In many Linux distributions, the default user interface is the real terminal, though virtual consoles are also provided. The console terminal has its own terminal screen, unlike the virtual console terminal, which needs to share the monitor screen.

Some of the functions possible through the Linux console terminal are:

  • Extensive, system-wide configuration and administration
  • File and folder administration
  • The ability to access, transfer and share data between machines
  • Extensive system monitoring

Most consider the Linux console terminal to be faster and more efficient as compared to the graphical user interface mode.


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