What Does Foneros Mean?

Foneros are users of a worldwide wireless networking system known as FON. Foneros typically share parts of a wireless connection with others by trading bits of their own purchased connections in exchange for remote usage.


Foneros, also known as FON users or FON enthusiasts, support the FON network in a variety of ways.

Techopedia Explains Foneros

FON users accommodate wireless connection sharing, either by purchasing FON hardware or using third-party services to sign up for FON connectivity. A set of hardware products known as La Fonera facilitates the use of the FON system, where specialized Wi-Fi routers split a signal into two separate public and private signals.

Foneros can use online interactive FON maps to locate any of several million available FON connections worldwide. These connectivity points are known as FON spots, many of which are facilitated by individual Foneros through FON hardware or firmware.


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