FON Spot

What Does FON Spot Mean?

A FON spot is a Wi-Fi distribution point that has been registered as a part of a worldwide shared Wi-Fi system called FON. There are now millions of FON spots connected to the innovative network, allowing users to share small parts of their local Wi-Fi connection’s bandwidth with other users.


Techopedia Explains FON Spot

FON was founded in 2006 and has become a popular way to share Wi-Fi connections. Members who sign up to develop their local connection into a FON spot can get access to connections at other FON spots, and in some cases, can even make money effectively selling parts of their purchased bandwidth.

One way to create a FON spot is to purchase specific FON hardware and connect it to a local Wi-Fi network. Individuals can also connect to FON through a network of participating partners. A detailed map on the FON website shows the location of the many FON spots that are now active around the world. FON enthusiasts can also communicate over dedicated Web forums to discuss new features, how to connect to the service or anything else related to this new way of using wireless connectivity.


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