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Computer Operating Properly (COP)

Last updated: January 29, 2013

What Does Computer Operating Properly (COP) Mean?

Computer operating properly (COP) is the process of routinely taking acknowledgments from a monitored system and initiating a corrective and restorative measures in case of system failure or a similar problem. COP is enabled through a software or hardware timer that automatically restores a system to its normal operation or attempts to recover it.

The computer operating properly process might also be referred to as a watchdog timer.


Techopedia Explains Computer Operating Properly (COP)

The operational principles behind COP are very simple. It works like a watchdog that continuously monitors a facility and sets an alarm whenever some abnormal event occurs. A COP-based timer is typically integrated within the core of a hardware or software system. Although the COP timer can be customized to be triggered in any anomaly, it is generally invoked when the system is no longer in an operational state, i.e. hung or frozen. The corrective measures taken afterward can be anything from restarting the system to sending a critical notification to a human administrator.

If the system doesn’t invoke the watch dog timer, it is said to be computer operating properly.



Watchdog Timer

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