Leisure Diving

What does Leisure Diving mean?

Leisure diving involves striking a relaxed pose midair while jumping into a body of water. It is an Internet meme in which the photographer must snap the picture right before the leisure diver lands in order to capture the effect that the diver is enjoying a moment of relaxation in midair. The photo is then shared online, mostly through social media.


Techopedia explains Leisure Diving

Leisure diving is similar to coning, owling and planking in that a digital photo is taken for the purposes of sharing it online and provoking a laugh. The photographer has the challenging task of snapping the photo at just the right moment, when the leisure diver is at peak height. While most leisure divers are clad in their swimming suits, some may be fully clothed, perhaps with a drink in their hand. To be a full-fledged leisure diver, one must assume a position that appears to be relaxing, which has been known to include falling asleep on a pillow, cuddling a teddy bear or reading a magazine.


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