Biometric Data

What Does Biometric Data Mean?

Biometric data is data about a biological organism or set of organisms that is used in biometric analysis, the science of analyzing biological organisms or systems. Although biometric data can mean data related to studying biological phenomena, it is most commonly used to refer to data used in identifying specific biological organisms, chiefly humans.


Techopedia Explains Biometric Data

Biometric data is widely used in systems that attempt to identify a specific user or other human through unique characteristics. Computer image processing is one form of biometric analysis that uses biometric data. Digital fingerprint analysis also relies on the use of biometric data for identification purposes.

In most biometric analysis systems, there is demand for a large amount of biometric data. This data must be stored and somehow secured from unauthorized access. These systems rely on complex algorithms that sort data in ways that will achieve an identifying result in a given application. Developers use key features that are unique from one person to another in order to make biometric identification effective.


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