What Does orkut Mean?

orkut is a social networking website developed and operated by Google Inc. Like other social networks, orkut facilitates communication and interaction between friends, colleagues and family. orkut users may upload videos and pictures and utilize a “like” feature to share interesting Web pages and content. The integrated GTalk, Google’s instant messenger, enables users to chat directly from the orkut page.


orkut is most popular with social networkers in Brazil, followed by India.

Techopedia Explains orkut

orkut was developed by and named for Orkut Buyukkokten – a Turkish software engineer and Google product manager. Since 2000, Buyukkokten has developed several social networking websites, including inCircle for the Stanford Alumni Association. In June 2004, a lawsuit filed against Google alleged that orkut was patterned after inCircle code. In fact, nine inCircle bugs were identical to those in orkut.

Despite its popularity, orkut is plagued with user security issues, including hacking and spam. Google has initiated strides toward preventing and eliminating security issues and has made some headway against them.

Some social media experts notice a trend where Facebook members in Brazil and India are gradually making the switch to orkut. By 2011, orkut claimed over 100 million members. Approximately 50 percent of orkut members are from Brazil, followed by India. The remaining four percent are split between the U.S. and Japan.


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