Google Bookmarks

What Does Google Bookmarks Mean?

Google Bookmarks is a free online bookmarking service used to store and access website links. Google launched Google Bookmarks in 2005 as a service for registered Google Account users.


Google Bookmarks’ key advantage is secure bookmark access from any computer via Google’s Chrome browser. Google Bookmarks also includes more common and cross-platform features than standard browser bookmarks.

Techopedia Explains Google Bookmarks

Google Toolbar allows users to immediately create and access bookmarks via the Web or third-party applications. For example, Firefox is designed to manage Google Bookmarks accounts while synchronizing data between bookmarks and the user’s Web browser.

The Firefox Bookmarks toolbar has an effective JavaScript function for creating Google Bookmarks, where an open window facilitates the saving of a Google Bookmark. Users may import this functionality into another Web browser as a bookmarklet.

Privacy and security are key Google Bookmarks features. Only Google account users may access saved bookmarks. Google Bookmarks also facilitates searching of bookmarked pages, labels, notes and Web page text that are not limited to page title, URL and description, as users can search entire Web pages.

Google Bookmarks users may also add notes, tags or labels to bookmarked sites.


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