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What Does Google Health Mean?

Google Health is a consumer-based online product offered to individuals who want to organize, store and track their health care needs, issues and information. The service is offered free of charge, courtesy of Google, as part of an individualized health management account. Users enjoy the individualized health and wellness tracking as the primary feature of Google Health. Google Health was implemented in 2008. In 2011, Google announced that it would withdraw the service in 2012.


Techopedia Explains Google Health

The primary purpose of Google Health was to empower consumers by allowing them to share medical records and track their health progress as well as refine their health and wellness searches.

Google Health enlisted encryption techniques to protect users’ confidentiality. Although the online service was slated to end January 1, 2012, data downloads are to be made available through January 1, 2013. Google’s Data Liberation Front will allow users to easily transfer their data from this and other Google products.

Google Health got its start through a pilot that involved more than 16,00 patients at the Cleveland Clinic in 2008.


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