Microsoft Malware Protection Center

What Does Microsoft Malware Protection Center Mean?

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) is an anti-malware research and response center that is made up of seasoned malware protection researchers and engineers who work proactively to identify the latest and most harmful viruses and other malware, and then to protect and provide tools to guard against malware. The MMPC also relays vast amounts of security information to its Microsoft customers, offering free downloads for computer protection against unwanted and harmful software.


Techopedia Explains Microsoft Malware Protection Center

MMPC collaborates with information technology professionals and various branches of the Microsoft organization. Its broad alliance serves as real-time protection against cybercrime that spans the globe with locations in Australia, Germany, Ireland and the U.S. It is comprised of software engineers and researchers who are always at the ready to implement protection techniques in response to the most harmful malware.

Computer viruses and attacks have not always been harmful. As time has gone on, however, cybercriminals have increased in number and some have been actively employed by organizations and companies with malicious intentions. As a result, MMPC was formed to provide educational resources about malware, to research it and to respond to new malware as quickly as possible.

MMPC is put on alert when new malware is identified. The engineering and research teams first go into action, followed by the communications teams. Each team assesses and stabilizes the new threat, while the engineering team works on solutions and the communications team sets out to mobilize collaborative partners and other teams. The final phase is the resolution phase, where MMPC provides tools and mechanisms to defend against and help obliterate the new malware by relaying information to partners, organizations and customers.

Once resolution is achieved, MMPC returns to its normal operations, which include proactive research along with advising and educating Microsoft customers and partners. MMPC also provides feedback and guidance during the development phase of new Microsoft products so that the products are adept at resisting attacks. The MMPC touts Internet Explorer 9 as the safest browsing mechanism due to its vast security features.


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