What Does Batting Mean?

Batting is an internet meme in which participants hang upside down to resemble a bat with a photographer nearby to capture the unusual pose. The photograph is then uploaded to a favorite website or social networking site. This is one of several popular internet fads, which include coning, planking and owling.


Techopedia Explains Batting

Batting is just one of many internet memes and it falls in the same family as planking, coning and owling. These are all posing pranks that are captured by digital cameras and uploaded onto Facebook, YouTube or other pertinent (and often silly) websites. Those who "do the bat" sometimes cross their hands in front of their chests to resemble a bat sleeping while upside down. Most commonly, batting photo subjects casually place their hands in their pockets or on their hips to resemble a bat's wings.

Some critics feel that batting is a dangerous fad, because it requires hanging upside down, and some participants hang several feet above the ground.


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