High-Ping Bastard

What Does High-Ping Bastard Mean?

High-ping bastard (HPB) is a slang term for a gamer with a slow Internet connection. Ping refers to a test used to determine the ability to reach the host over an IP network and to determine the roundtrip time for messages to travel from source to destination over that network. A higher ping count occurs in a slower network, which is a major disadvantage for gamers in real-time online games.


High-ping bastards may also be known as high-ping whiners.

Techopedia Explains High-Ping Bastard

A high-ping bastard (HPB) is at a disadvantage in online gaming because a slow connection results in a slower data transfer rate. HPBs may use this as an excuse if they lose a game or perform poorly. Because games are played in real time, a fast Internet connection is a definite advantage because it gives better fluidity to the game.


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