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Low-Ping Bastard (LPB)

What Does Low-Ping Bastard (LPB) Mean?

A low-ping bastard (LPB) refers to an Internet gamer whose Internet connection has superior speed due to a high bandwidth. This is considered advantageous in the world of real-time gaming, so an LPB refers to someone who has developed a superior attitude as a result of his or her low-ping connection.


Techopedia Explains Low-Ping Bastard (LPB)

Lest an LPB gamer give himself too much credit, some advantage may be largely attributed to the gamer's LPB. Gaming requires skill, but low ping can enhance online gaming outcomes because it causes a user's screen to refresh more times per second than other players in the game. The more a screen is refreshed, the faster the game images move, thus helping the gamer to win more often.


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