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Gordon Moore

What Does Gordon Moore Mean?

Gordon Moore is the cofounder, former CEO and former chairman of Intel Corporation. Moore was involved in the mass production of semiconductors and the creation of memory chips and microprocessors. He is perhaps most famous for Moore’s law, which predicts that the number of transistors on a chip will double every two years. Thus far, his prediction has proved to be fairly accurate.


Techopedia Explains Gordon Moore

Like Robert Noyce, the other Intel cofounder, Moore was at the center of some of the most important advances in computing power. The pair worked with William Shockley, co-inventor of the transistor, before heading to Fairchild and perfecting the microchip. The pair left Fairchild together to found Intel with the help of venture capitalists. While at Intel, Moore and Noyce oversaw the creation of chip-based memory as opposed to the magnetic core memory of the day. As chips became cheaper, so did memory, giving Intel a huge lead. In the late ’60s, Intel hired Marcian Hoff. Hoff led the team that created the microprocessor in 1971, the same year Intel went public and made Moore and Noyce incredibly wealthy men.

Like many former tech pioneers, Moore has more or less retired from the tech sector to focus on philanthropic causes.


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