What Does JenniCam Mean?

JenniCam is a now defunct website that broadcast live streams of the everyday life of Jennifer Kaye Ringley, a 19-year-old college student in Pennsylvania. JenniCam featured Ringley’s daily activities, which she eventually stopped censoring altogether. It is believed to be the first lifecasting show. At its peak, the site received between 4 and 7 million hits per day.


Techopedia Explains JenniCam

Ringley began the site in 1996 while she was attending Dickinson College. In 1998, Ringley added three additional webcams to her apartment and was able to support herself through her website by offering paid access, as well as free, access. Her fame led to TV roles and an appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman.” Ringley decided to shut down JenniCam in December 2003, owing to a new anti-nudity policy instituted by PayPal.

Although Ringley no longer maintains a public persona, JenniCam pioneered reality-based entertainment, which is still very popular both online and through other mediums.


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