What Does Geocities Mean?

Geocities is a Web domain associated with a free Web hosting service that used to be available in the U.S. but is now only maintained in Japan. The Web hosting service was acquired by Yahoo in 1999, but the company decided to shut it down 10 years later.


Techopedia Explains Geocities

As a free Web hosting service, Geocities was a model of how large companies could provide public "utilities" for Web users. Individuals registered to receive a hosted domain and uploaded text, images and page content to Yahoo servers. The resulting pages provided an alternative to more developed commercial websites. The Web hosting service now offered by Yahoo is for paying customers and rivals the services of large hosting companies like GoDaddy.

Although Yahoo has closed down Geocities operations, Web users can still access some of the sites built through this service. Archiving efforts have secured some of the 38 million individual sites present at the time of Geocities’ closure. Developers have also created Geocities simulators to make Web pages look like they were created with Geocities.


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