What Does Handsfree Mean?

Handsfree is a term used to describe technology that uses various features to accommodate the user’s ability to communicate without using the hands. Many of these technologies are made to be used while operating a vehicle, but are often used in many other places to allow people to multi-task more effectively. Handsfree technologies use the same sorts of wireless systems used in emerging mobile device technologies and other wireless networks. The user will typically communicate with a nearby piece of hardware that sends and receives voice or other data as digital packets.


Techopedia Explains Handsfree

One common type of handsfree technology is Bluetooth, proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. The most basic handsfree technologies accommodate telephone conversations by replacing traditional handheld receivers with headsets. Other newer handsfree features also allow users to complete various tasks via voice command. The most advanced handsfree features allow users to dial telephone numbers, access information from the Internet, and perform all sorts of communication functions this way.


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