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Beta Test

What Does Beta Test Mean?

Beta testing is the final stage of user acceptance testing (UAT) before a software product or service is released to the general public.


Beta tests are used to identify any remaining bugs or usability issues and gather feedback on the overall user experience. They are typically carried out by a small group of users who are not part of the development team.

Techopedia Explains Beta Test

During a beta test, users will be given access to a release candidate version of the software code that is being tested.

Beta tests typically have a set time period. At the end of the defined period, the development team will analyze the feedback and data collected during the test to decide if the software is ready for release, if it needs additional changes or if further testing is required.

Beta tests can be closed or open. Closed beta tests are done with a relatively small group of testers who are chosen by the software developers or the client who has requested the software. Open beta tests are public tests done with a large group of testers who have volunteered and signed up for the beta test.

When a beta test is conducted without the users’ knowledge, it is called a canary test.


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