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Code Crash

What Does Code Crash Mean?

Code crash is a software development phenomenon in which software code or the software program stops operating properly or is entirely terminated.


Code crash occurs when a computer program freezes or is held up due to any of a number of different computing errors and faults.

Code crash may also be known as program crash or application crash.

Techopedia Explains Code Crash

When the software code being executed can no longer operate, the result is code crash. The crashed code can belong to a standalone application or a routine operating system service or operation. Code crash can occur for a number of reasons, but is mostly a result of:

  • Buffer overflow
  • Incorrect memory addressing
  • Illegal instructions
  • Accessing unauthorized system resources
  • Accessing unallocated memory space

Some applications continue to operate even after the codes crash, but most are closed by the operating system. At that point, a dialog box informs the user of the problem, and suggests investigation or debugging.


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