Blackberry Messenger

What Does Blackberry Messenger Mean?

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is an instant messaging (IM) application that can be downloaded from the Internet for Blackberry smartphones and, as of 2013, for iPhone and Android. BBM messages are delivered using the Internet and employ the PIN system, in which users must share PIN numbers to communicate.


BBM provides easy multitasking with many built-in application features, allowing users to chat or share content while using the application. Although Blackberry’s device sales have fallen dramatically, many BBM users agree that its instant messaging application is one of the best.

Techopedia Explains Blackberry Messenger

BBM provides dual and simultaneous application use. For example, users may view sports scores while messaging friends, or even compete in digital games while chatting. A BBM profile feed displays links and even game scores on demand.

BBM allows users to:

  • Get live confirmation when the messages are sent, received and read
  • Select a private BBM display image and status
  • Include contacts by sharing PINs or scanning bar codes
  • Indulge in group chats
  • Share videos, images, and much more between various contacts simultaneously
  • Deliver and receive messages of unrestricted length
  • Share music files with friends
  • Access device support

Some of the disadvantages of BBM include:

  • To add a contact, a user must obtain the contact’s Blackberry PIN code.
  • BBM messages also produce some security threats, mainly because of the comfort of delivering one-to-many messages instantly, and the difficulty in tracing the messages when compared with various other social media.

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