Flash Player

What Does Flash Player Mean?

Flash Player is software that enables multimedia data viewing and streaming capabilities on Web browsers.


Flash Player is used to execute multimedia files in Shockwave Flash Format (SWF). These files are created using the primary Adobe Flash and other supported software tools. Flash Player was initially developed by Macromedia Corporation and later acquired by Adobe Systems. Flash Player is also known as Adobe Flash Player.

Techopedia Explains Flash Player

Flash Player is designed to execute and play rich Internet and multimedia data in a Web browser. It can be integrated into most browsers by default, enabling viewing of websites, applications or data, most of which is created in SWF and other file formats.

Flash Player supports almost all high-end graphical and audio formats and technologies. It supports and operates Vectors and Raster Graphics, 3-D/2-D animations, HD-quality video codec, Speex audio codec and many others. Flash Player also provides content protection services for streaming data, video on demand and other multimedia delivery models over the Internet.

Flash Player is also available for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


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