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What Does Apple TV Mean?

An Apple TV is a digital media adapter (DMA) developed and marketed by Apple. It is a network device that connects to a high-definition television (HDTV) or enhanced-definition television (EDTV) that is capable of 720 pixels 60/50 Hz. The Apple TV supports the streaming of various media derived from Netflix, YouTube, iTunes Store, Flickr, MobileMe, NBA League Pass and It also streams iTunes data from computers using Windows or Mac OS X to their TV. Media can be streamed through a wired or wireless network.


Techopedia Explains Apple TV

The original Apple TV was released in 2007, featuring Flickr, YouTube, iTunes and MobileMe. The second generation, released in 2010, included Netflix and architecture intended for improved playback. The Internet media includes various services: iTunes Store: Users can buy TV programs and rent movies as well as download content through Web syndication. YouTube: Users can configure options such as favorites Netflix: Streams on-demand media Flickr and MobileMe: Displays photographs with automatic cross-dissolve alterations, slide shows and optional Ken Burns effect for panning and zooming and NBA League Pass: Has live and archived games plus access to statistics and scores Streaming content for PC or Mac: iTunes features Home Sharing, where content is streamed from one computer to another The Apple TV has four Internet media types: purchase and rental, podcasts, Internet photos and YouTube. Each type includes parental controls for “Hide”, “Ask” and “Show.”. There are also parental controls that can be monitored by rating.


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