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What Does Media Layer Mean?

Media layer is an Apple Inc. term that refers to software frameworks and technologies that enable audio, visual and other multimedia capabilities within an iOS powered device. It defines the entire multimedia architecture within Apple-powered mobile devices and applications.


Techopedia Explains Media Layer

Software developers typically use the Media layer to understand, access and develop mobile applications and services on iOS devices. The Media layer is distributed into several components that are specifically classified for graphical, audio or visual support frameworks. The graphical frameworks allow developers to create apps that provide graphical interfaces, animations, image input/output (I/O) readability and access to native visual elements of the device. The audio framework enables the playing, recording and integrating of audio within developed apps.

The graphical and audio framework includes:


  • Core Graphics Framework
  • Core Animation Framework
  • Open GL


  • Media Player Framework
  • Open AL Framework
  • Core Audio Framework

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