Search Engine Spider

What Does Search Engine Spider Mean?

A search engine spider is a program that works behind the scenes to deliver up-to-date Web search results to users through a search engine. The search engine spider can work continuously or respond to user events. Typically, the search engine spider uses specific and ordered methods to scan Web text and index pages for their search engine rankings.


Techopedia Explains Search Engine Spider

A search engine spider is an intangible program, but it is called a spider because of the way it works to order Web results. The spider weaves a web of indexed Web pages by analyzing the HTML and other elements on each page. Certain algorithms are used to promote a hierarchy for Web results.

The search engine spider is part of the major evolution of technology that took place during the last few decades. Along with the emergence of the Internet as a global medium handling high quality audio and video, the search engine spider is an example of applied logic that helps humans do more through the Internet. It’s also one of the utilities that helps accommodate the modern user experience of the World Wide Web as a user-friendly, accessible interface.


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