Mean Time To Repair

What Does Mean Time To Repair Mean?

Mean time to repair (MTTR) is a measure of the maintainability of a repairable item, which tells the average time required to repair a specific item or component and return it to working status. It is a basic measure of the maintainability of equipment and parts. This includes the notification time, diagnosis and the time spent on actual repair as well as other activities required before the equipment can be used again.


Mean time to repair is also known as mean repair time.

Techopedia Explains Mean Time To Repair

Mean time to repair represents how long it takes to get equipment back to working condition, taking into account the initial notification of the breakdown, the time it takes to send the equipment for repairs, diagnosis, actual fix time, assembly, calibration, testing and then sending it back to the field. It basically covers the time from when a user sends the item for repairs until the user gets the item back.

MTTR is calculated by dividing the total time required for repair or maintenance by the total number of repairs done in a specific time frame. The lesser the MTTR, the higher quality a specific item or equipment is considered. For example, an item that has a MTTR of 24 hours is better than one with a MTTR of 7 days if the mean time before failure (MTBF) is equal because it would mean that the equipment’s operational availability is higher. When the equipment breaks down, there is only a downtime of 24 hours before operation can resume as opposed to 7 days of downtime.


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