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Eye Path

What Does Eye Path Mean?

Eye path is a key principle in Web design in which design is used to draw a reader's eye to certain areas of a Web page, illicit certain behaviors (such as a click) and keep readers on a page or website for a longer period of time. Eye path may be influenced by elements such as white space, color and text variations, and the use of graphics.


Techopedia Explains Eye Path

Web designers typically seek to capitalize on the way in which humans respond to the use of form, color, contrast, balance and texture in a composition to lead a visitor’s eye through a Web page. Eye path can also be used to communicate the importance of the information presented in a hierarchical way.

Eye path is based on the principles of interactive design, which encourages designers to avoid trapping users in a single path, but to be sure to provide a path of least resistance over which the eye may travel.

Researchers have studied cursor movement in an attempt to better understand Web user eye path. Simplifying or optimizing the eye path on a page improves the overall experience for a website's user, and ultimately reduces the number users who abandon a page.


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