What Does ObjectDock Mean?

ObjectDock is a software program known as an application launcher that provides the same kind of graphical user interface as the standard task bar in a Macintosh operating system. ObjectDock is made by a company called Stardock to enable this kind of task bar, or “dock”, functionality in various Windows operating systems. This kind of program is called a dock because a program is represented by a small icon that the user can click on to open that program from the desktop.


Techopedia Explains ObjectDock

ObjectDock comes in free and paid versions. Features of the free version include add-ons for weather and other utilities, as well as graphical special effects related to shuffling icons on the desktop. The paid version comes with more links and shortcuts, as well as easier app switching and more advanced organization functions.

Some of the challenges of building the kind of utility that ObjectDock represents involves coding a drag-and-drop system for icons, as well as other features of the interface that are enabled by mouse-over commands or similar event-driven implementations. Like other docks, ObjectDock accomplishes these visual functions in order to provide a seamless experience for the end user.


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