What Does RocketDock Mean?

RocketDock is a program for the Windows OS that provides an application launcher or dock interface that is similar to the standard interface in a Mac OSX operating system. This program was developed by PolyVector and Skunkie of Punk Labs under a Creative Commons license. RocketDock requires 10 MB of RAM and Windows 2000 or newer version of Windows.


Techopedia Explains RocketDock

As a menu-style drag-and-drop application launcher, RocketDock allows the user to scroll through various thumbnails on the dock that represent installed programs. A video tutorial from the developers at showcases some of the main features of this program, including the ability to minimize windows to the dock. Windows that are minimized to the dock will appear as live streaming thumbnails with active video in a minimized screen.

RocketDock’s other main features include the ability to control whether a user command opens a version of a program that’s already running or a newly launched window. There are a variety of customizations such as auto-hide and pop-up on mouseover capabilities that provide more versatility, providing PC users with some of the visual experience found in Apple products.


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