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Interaction Design

What Does Interaction Design Mean?

Interaction design (IxD) is a process in which technology products and solutions are designed to center on the human behavior, interaction and utilization of a product. IxD enables the building of a technology product by focusing on its visual interface and interaction, rather than the underlying functionality.


Techopedia Explains Interaction Design

IxD is a technology design field that incorporates concepts from human computer interaction (HCI), user experience design (UX) and a heavy focus on human psychology as it relates with technology. The key objective of IxD is to satisfy and fulfill the needs of the end user, rather than a software or technology architecture.
There are several IxD approaches used to build technology product designs, including:

Goal-oriented design
User personas
End user behavioral dimensions A general IxD framework also includes design attributes, such as textual content, visual appearance, physical and logical objects and time and behavioral constraints.


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