What Does Cmdlet Mean?

A cmdlet is a critical part of the Microsoft Windows PowerShell environment, which is a task automation resource that is compatible with the .NET framework and enables administration in Windows systems. A cmdlet is a .NET class that acts on specific objects within PowerShell, which uses a command-line interface (CLI).


Cmdlets may be used in scripting or executable files.

Techopedia Explains Cmdlet

Cmdlets are written in verb-noun format to show specific functions. They handle single objects or object collections with specific proprietary methods for individually handling object arrays. Many different cmdlets are available for use in a variety of compatible coding languages. One sorting method is to evaluate the full range of cmdlet commands that begin with a given verb, such as Get or Add.

Cmdlets also may form a pipeline structure, where they act on objects sequentially. In other words, an object may be passed from one cmdlet to another, where one cmdlet’s output provides input for the next. These types of code structures are often used to help developers or administrators obtain certain kinds of sorted data results or achieve various changes in drive storage or organization.


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