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Business Logic

What Does Business Logic Mean?

Business logic refers to the underlying processes within a program that carry out the operations between a company’s servers and the user interface with which that company’s customers interact. Business logic is more properly thought of as the code that defines the database schema and the processes to be run, and contains the specific calculations or commands needed to carry out those processes. The user interface is what the customer sees and interacts with, while the business logic works behind the UI to carry out actions based on the inputted values.


Techopedia Explains Business Logic

Business logic serves as a buzzword to refer to all the algorithms and codes needed to make a piece of software work with a company’s customers and servers. Business logic doesn’t include the network protocols that carry the information back and forth or the presentation of the UI – just the guts of the software needed to change a customer click into a request that the server can provide a response to. Presumably, the term business logic is used to save non-technical professionals from having to make technical explanations at sales or management meetings.


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