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Digital Logic

What Does Digital Logic Mean?

Digital logic is the underlying logic system that drives electronic circuit board design. Digital logic is the manipulation of binary values through printed circuit board technology that uses circuits and logic gates to construct the implementation of computer operations. Digital logic is a common part of electrical engineering and design courses.


Techopedia Explains Digital Logic

A main component of digital logic consists of five different logic gates:

  • AND
  • OR
  • XOR
  • NAND
  • NOR

These basic logic gates are used in conjunction with one another to build elaborate engineering designs that deliver various computing outcomes. In addition to other types of circuitry and board and chip design, logic gates direct the computing and calculation work that electronic technologies do on a device. For example, circuits use logic gates to construct the outputs for digital numbers on calendars and other displays, by returning separate logical results for each particular digital component or “side” of one of these digital numbers.


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