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Scan Chain Reordering

What Does Scan Chain Reordering Mean?

Scan chain reordering is a process used in the design and testing of computing devices that enables the optimization of placing and stitching flip flop registers with a scan chain. It is used to optimize and reorder the scan chain process if it gets detached, stopped or congested.


Techopedia Explains Scan Chain Reordering

Scan chain reordering is primarily used in the design of integrated circuits with a series of registers within them. The registers are placed using a design placement tool that stitches registers on a board under a systematic scan chain. However, during placement, the length of the overall wire/metal connecting these registers might extend, which creates congestion. Scan chain reordering is then applied by the design placement tool, which optimizes the stitching process and reduces the overall wire and metal required.


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