Model (MVC)

What Does Model (MVC) Mean?

A Model, in the context of an ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC), is the representation of the data being posted to the Controller, the data being worked on in a View or the representation of the domain specific entities operating in the business tier.


The Model contains core application information. It includes data, validation rules, data access, and aggregation logic.

Techopedia Explains Model (MVC)

The Model is the part of MVC which implements the domain logic. In simple terms, this logic is used to handle the data passed between the database and the user interface (UI).

The Model is known as domain object or domain entity.

The domain objects are stored under the Models folder in ASP.NET. The domain model represents the application perspective for the data to be handled whereas a view model is required to produce the engine that generates the View.


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