SoFunny Worm

What Does SoFunny Worm Mean?

The SoFunny Worm is a Trojan horse with worm capabilities that steals user passwords. This worm was discovered in 2001 and infected AOL users by replicating through AOL software. When the worm is executed it retrieves the user’s AOL login information. The worm may also send out infected emails to the user’s contacts.


Techopedia Explains SoFunny Worm

There are two versions of the SoFunny Worm:

  • W32.SoFunny: Copies itself as WindowsMicrosoft420.exe. Affects Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP. This version uses the attachments “Microsoft420.exe” or “NASTY.exe.”
  • W95.SoFunny: It copies itself as WindowsMsdos423.exe. It will not run under Windows 2000/NT. Uses the attachments “Sofunny.exe” and “Love.exe.”

The SoFunny Worm is now considered a low risk threat as it can be caught by virtually any updated anti-virus system.


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