Bropia Worm

What Does Bropia Worm Mean?

The Bropia worm is a type of malware that spreads through instant messaging (IM) by sending infected attachments to IM users. This worm uses MSN Instant Messenger to send infected files and spreads by sending these out through the IM contact list. The Bropia Worm is similar to the Kelvir worm except that it sends an infected file directly to users, while the Kelvir worm sends a link pointing to an infected file.


Bropia worm is also referred to as Bropia.A, IM-Worm.Win32.VB.a, W32/Bropia-A, Win32.Bropia.a and WORM_BROPIA.F.

Techopedia Explains Bropia Worm

When executed, the Bropia worm copies itself to the Windows System folder with various file names. The file name will probably be winhost.exe, updates.exe or lexplore.exe, although new versions use distinct file names. After that, it makes modifications to the registry’s RUN section in order to load automatically. It also leaves a Spybot worm variant in the infected machine. This Spybot variant then connects to the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel, giving the worm complete access to the computer. Making use of this backdoor option, a hacker could steal data from an infected system.

After the worm has been executed, it may display an image and disable the computer’s right mouse button, preventing the user from accessing context-sensitive menus. The worm copies itself to a computer’s C drive, where it monitors any change in IM contacts. To avoid this and other worms, IM users should install updated anti-virus software and avoid clicking on any suspicious links within instant messages.


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