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Component Flow Diagram

What Does Component Flow Diagram Mean?

A component flow diagram is a type of UML diagram that illustrates and defines the overall components that are part of a composite software system. This diagram defines the architectural structure of the entire system in terms of the components and how they are interconnected. A component flow diagram may also be called a component diagram and or component-based diagram.


Techopedia Explains Component Flow Diagram

A component flow diagram is primarily used by software developers and is created before the actual development of the project to provide a formal overview of the system/software being developed. It defines the structural relationships and connections of different components within a system. As with other structural diagrams, component flow diagrams use rectangles, lines/connectors and different symbols. Each of the components is represented using a rectangular box, with its name written within. The connectors are used to define the relationship and/or the dependencies between different components.


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