Common Short Code Administration

What Does Common Short Code Administration Mean?

Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) is the process of administrating a system of common short codes, which are numbers that organizations and other parties use to transmit messages over wireless platforms. A Common Short Code Administrator serves as a kind of clearinghouse for U.S. wireless carriers that need to structure the use of common short codes in their markets.


Techopedia Explains Common Short Code Administration

Common short codes, and short codes in general, are used in mobile messaging. They are shorter than conventional telephone numbers, and they mark the transmission of SMS or MMS messages on wireless networks. Common short codes are short codes that are shared by multiple operators.

Short code messages can be used for marketing purposes or for various kinds of alerts or notifications. Charities may use them for notifying people on mailing lists. They may be used by first responder offices or government entities. Some of them are used by marketers with specific functionality for subscription and cancellation, such as when users text the word “STOP” to terminate a service or notification system. CSCA is a vital part of maintaining common short code systems to make sure everything is working as it should within the mobile and wireless industry.


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