Mobile Application Service Provider (MASP)

What Does Mobile Application Service Provider (MASP) Mean?

A mobile application service provider (MASP) provides digital content, applications or services to mobile/cellular subscribers. A MASP designs, develops and provides IT services and solutions under various different delivery models and provides services under its brand name or the brand of the cellular operator.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Application Service Provider (MASP)

MASPs are traditionally associated with a service provider that delivers mobile subscriber content, such as ringtones, news, wallpapers and recipes. Having evolved, MASPs now provide a suite of services and solutions designed specifically for mobile users. These include virtually any mobile compatible device, such as live TV, music, radio, software and apps. These solutions typically require installation of a client-end application that interfaces and connects with the MASP via a standard cellular General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) or Enhanced Data GSM Environment (EDGE) connection.

MASPs also may integrate cloud computing and virtualization within their architecture for the purpose of enabling and delivering certain solutions, such as mobile backup storage on a MASP cloud.


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