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Social Media Hermit

What Does Social Media Hermit Mean?

A social media hermit is an individual who avoids any form of online sharing. With the increasing societal pressures to be searchable on social media platforms, the number of social media hermits is constantly declining. One of the headwinds facing social media hermits is the trend for recruiters and human resource professionals to rely on online networks such as LinkedIn to send out new postings, as well as the new emphasis on social media experience in many professional jobs.


Techopedia Explains Social Media Hermit

There are many motivations that may drive people to become social media hermits. The most obvious ones are limited access to the internet and/or limited time spent online. That said, some people choose the life of a social media hermit on moral grounds, either because they themselves were former social media addicts or they know people who spend too much time online. People can “convert” to the life of a social media hermit by committing cybercide.


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