Facebook f8

What Does Facebook f8 Mean?

Facebook f8 is an annual developers’ conference that is held in San Francisco. The conference is for developers and entrepreneurs who are looking to learn about how to build social applications, as well as learn about Facebook’s new and existing products and technologies. Facebook also often uses the conference to make major announcements and set its agenda for the coming year.


Techopedia Explains Facebook f8

Facebook held its first f8 conference in 2007 with the mission to bring together developers and entrepreneurs to help build a more social Web. The conference kicks off with a keynote speech by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg, which is followed by smaller sessions on various topics. Products/technologies that have been unveiled at previous f8 conferences include:

  • The concept of the social graph (2007)
  • Facebook Connect (2008)
  • Facebook “Like” button (2010)

Participants gain entry to the event through invitation, or by purchasing one of a limited number of tickets through Facebook’s f8 page.


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